domestic assault

Domestic Violence: 4 warning signs that could save your life

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Domestic Violence When I decided to try my hand at starting a blog, the obvious topic of choice was my experiences as a cop. It’s what I know. Like it or not, it’s who I am. I could have taken the safer route like becoming a food blogger or a blog blogger (someone who blogs about how to start a blog).…

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sexual assault

Sexual Assault: A veteran cop shows you how to survive

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Fight to survive a sexual assault Up until now, most of my articles have been mostly “feel good ah shucks” type of personal and family safety topics. I have covered topics like cyber bullying, burglary prevention, online scams and other worthy tips uniquely provided from my experience as a cop. Not to sound overly cliche but the gloves are coming…

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crime scene investigation

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI): Truth vs. Fiction

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What every cop wants you to know about CSI It didn’t take long. The television show, CSI, or “Crime Scene Investigation”, soared in popularity quickly from the start. Americans love cop shows. Almost every night of the week you can catch some variation of one. It was only a matter of time before someone would create a niche for the…

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personal safety app

Personal Safety Apps: The 5 that could save your life

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Why personal safety apps are a must   Personal safety apps, or simply just “Apps”, are here to stay. There is literally an app for everything these days. But as you already know, all apps are not created equal. Most apps come to you at no cost. The apps that cost you are usually an upgraded version of the free…

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online scams

Online Scams: The top 5 from a Veteran Cop

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Online scams: the top 5 The birth of the internet almost 20 years ago has ramped up the ingenious ways online scams are carried out. As a veteran cop, I have seen every possible scheme and hustle that has been hatched by these keyboard hucksters. Although these online scams showed up on day 2 of the internet, most have been refined…

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