Child Care Nightmare: the 4 truths that could save your child’s life

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The most precious thing there is It has never been my intention to alarm or scare anyone into paranoia with my blog. If I’m doing this right, the opposite effect and result should occur. By educating you on the pitfalls and dangers of the criminal element, your paranoia should be replaced with confidence and self-awareness. Like you have been here…

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The 5 Must Have Products No Family Should Be Without

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Adapt or get left behind When starting Family Safe First, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience as a cop to empower families on matters of safety. Not every article I have written has followed this exact format. The 5 must have products I am endorsing here is another example of this. On top of practical safety and security…

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heroine overdose

Big Pharma and the Heroin Death Machine

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Comfortably numb I may be a little late on this one but this topic bothers me. A lot. About five years ago, while assigned as a violent crimes detective in our agency, it began. People in our city started dying. Not from gang violence, gunshots, knives or suicide. They were dying from heroin. The body’s were piling up. And I…

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emergency dispatcher

Emergency Dispatcher: What really happens when you call 911

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911, what’s your emergency? As I begin this article, I reflect on the thousands of calls I have answered during my years as an emergency dispatcher. I have handled calls ranging from what time does the public library open to murder. I have learned and have tried to put all of the negative aspects of the job behind me. From…

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The 6 Warning Signs of A Stalker

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Stalker As a cop who has worked the streets, stalkers can be the most persistent and perplexing players for ¬†law enforcement to handle. The reasons are many. The biggest are the laws written to define what a stalker actually is. I have responded to many calls where the victim is claiming to be stalked by an individual. I’m sure in…

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